MFM/RLL Drive Emulator

Replace old MFM / RLL hard and floppy drives 

With an SD card!

Are you still using old manufacturing or industrial machines, vintage music equipment, legacy medical device, or retro computer with MFM/RLL HDD and floppy drives? 

If they still work, we praise you for your caring heart and hands that must have kept them running for all these years! 

We feel your pain when these treasured but time-worn mechanisms break down because it is impossible these days to replace them. 

With DREM you can replace old MFM/RLL hard and floppy drives with an SD card!

The DREM (DRive EMulator) 


DREM is a perfect SSD based replacement for any FM/MFM/M2FM/RLL/ARLL drive. 

The purpose of DREM is to help passionate people give a second life to their treasured hardware

Not only will your esteemed gear receive new life,  its new hard drive will be:

much faster and way more reliable 

able to automatically backup and recover data

absolutely quiet and consume less power

easy to install in existing 3.5", 5.25" or 8" ports

The easy-to-install drive is designed to fit in your hardware device's existing port to replace 3.5", 5.25" or 8-inch floppy disk drives using the included adaptor. 


Feedback from happy customers

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

We were looking to replace an obsolete HD in a vintage custom computer (GML Automation) to create a vintage audio mixing desk. DREM proved to be the magical solution to a potential nightmare problem. 

DREM has better features than the competition, and the best customer service anywhere. Simply a brilliant product – we’ve already bought four of them!

- Richard Barrie, UK