The DREM (DRive EMulator)

is an FDD/MFM/RLL HDD emulator or MFM/RLL SSD.

Replace old Floppy and MFM/RLL drives with SD card!

1.5 times faster than MFM HDD

Way more reliable than the original hardware

Absolutely quiet and consumes little power

Automatic backup and recovery with DSK snapshots 

NEW! Simultaneous use of HDD and FDD functions.


DREM is based on the high performance FPGA platform and does not require the use of a PC for any file encoding operations.


DREM uses DSK disk image files, which contain the raw dump of a disk.  The raw image consists of a sector-by-sector binary copy of the source medium. Since DSK files hold no additional data beyond the disk contents, DREM uses an additional CFG file to obtain disk geometry and encoding information.

DREM is equipped with an VGA output, PS/2 keyboard input and file manager software. A user can browse the SD card and insert DSK images into virtual drives. Use of a monitor and keyboard is optional: DREM may load default configuration from file on power up. With an optional VGA monitor and PS/2 keyboard users may access a live transaction log and monitor drive activity in great detail. At any time a user may start or stop capturing log data into file on the SD card, which is very useful for analyzing low level format information.


DREM comes with many CFG files for frequently used host computers. However, if you are not quite sure about the low level format for a particular host, DREM will provide an analysis in a log file captured during low level format (LLF) operations.



1. DREM board

2. SD card - 8GB

DREM is shipped with SanDisk 8GB Industrial MLC Grade UHS-I Class 10 SD SDHC SDSDAF3-008G with pre-installed DREM software.


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