MFM RLL SSD (HDD & FDD Simulator)

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What's included:

  • DREM-3 board

  • Bracket (3"5 or 5"25 or 8")

  • Black and white stickers

  • 8GB SD Card

  • Mounting screws and washers

What's the difference between DREM2 and DREM3?

  • automotive grade lockable SD card slot

  • longer front panel button actuator

  • FDD connector option jumper for drawing power from Orborne computer. This also allows direct FDD connection to Orborne by preventing +5V PS short circuit

  • higher quality capacitors installed in power supply

  • better mounting bracket made of translucent PET-G

  • better front panel stickers made of translucent plastic

  • 5.25in DEC BA-23 and 8in brackets available

  • HDD cable set purchase option

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SD Card

We will send you high quality SD card SanDisk Extreme Pro 8GB or equivalent.

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